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This support page shows you major changes and releases notes for the MuteMe Client application. After version 0.8.2 release notes are tied to issue numbers and feature requests that we are tracking. Support for Linux is limited to the operating system Mute/Unmute only at this time. 


0.11.0 - Software Release - Released 6-27-2022

#230 - Crash Fix MS Teams (macOS)

With 0.10.1 a bug was introduced that caused the new teams controller to lock-on to MS Teams and not disengage which would result in a crash once the lock screen was activated. We have resolved that issue.  

#233 - Built-in Support Tab with Log Upload

This is a new feature that allows you to send a message for support or a feature request directly to our support team from the application. Currently we have a lengthy procedure to pull log files and send them to our team. This will streamline that process and ensure our team had the information they need to help quickly. 

#235 - Fix Discord Sync

Discord had released an update which broke the level three integration this is a hot fix to resolve on macOS. OS Level mute functionality was not impacted.  

#231 - Bug Fixes to MS Teams Controller (Windows)

With 0.10.1 a bug was introduced that caused the mute/unmute button on MS teams on windows to cycle. We released additional fixes quickly with version 0.10.3 but this improves the controller and resolves the issues that users were having. If you continue to experience this issue please contact our support team.  

#236 - Fix Intermittent Mic Detection

With 0.10.1 we introduced Mic Detection that improved the ability to detect when you were in a meeting on both macOS and Windows. This solves some issues with some users reporting intermittent drop outs. 



0.10.3 - Software Release - Released 6-6-2022

#234 - Fixing OS Level Mute

    With 0.10.2 a bug was introduced that caused issues with OS level mute. This hotfix address that issue. 

    #231 - Rapid Flickering Fix MS Teams

      With 0.10.1 a bug was introduced that caused the mute/unmute button on MS teams on windows to cycle. This issue impacted a small number users and was therefore difficult to trace. Users should no longer be experiencing this issue as we have made changes to the controller. 



      0.10.2 - Software Release - Released 6-5-2022

      #231 - Mute Icon Flicker Fix MS Teams (testing)
        With 0.10.1 a bug was introduced that caused the mute/unmute button on MS teams on windows to cycle. This issue only impacted ~20 users and was therefore difficult to trace. This is a hotfix to hopefully solve that issue. Some general stability improvements as well. If you continue to experience this issue please contact us and send your operational log files after updating to this version and experiencing the issue. 

        #229 - Chime Support for Scheduled Meetings 

          Our chime integration on Windows was not working as well for scheduled meetings but working well for instant meetings. This change addresses the issue with support for scheduled meetings as well. 


            0.10.1 - Software Release - Released 5-29-2022

            #227 - Improved Teams Controller
              Improvements were made the the applet that controls our integration with Microsoft Teams. We have improved the responsiveness and the abilities to quickly detect changes in Mute/Unmute status. 
                #226 - Auto-Updater Prompt
                  Since the application may live in the dock for some users we added a prompt to let you know that the application can be updated. Most updates only take ~15 seconds or less. 
                    #216 - Intelligent Microphone Detection
                      We added the ability to detect when a mic is in use vs just a conferencing platform. This detection is faster and more accurate. 
                        #195 - Full Level 3 Support MS Teams
                          We now have full level 3 support for MS teams on macOS which increases the responsiveness.


                            0.9.3 - Software Release - Released 4-27-2022

                            #222 - AutoStart Bug
                              With version 0.9.2 we went to completely new build scripts that speed up our development and release procedures. This change introduced a bug that would cause MuteMe to not AutoStart for new users. This is a hotfix for that issue. 
                                #30 - WebEx Level 3 Support for Windows
                                  Added support for WebEx level 3 support on Windows.


                                    0.9.2 - Software Release - Released 2-24-2022

                                    #212 - UI/UX Improvements (Platform Information)
                                      General improvements to the UI/UX to make it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. 
                                        #208 - Dual Device Support Mini
                                          With this update you can now use and MuteMe Mini and Regular device at the same time. Before it was one or the other. 
                                            #205 - Minimized Start
                                              Preference option to start MuteMe App minimized.
                                                #201 - Persistent Microphone View
                                                  Microphone is shown in expanded view as some users didn't know that there were additional microphone configuration options. 
                                                    #190 - Firmware Updater New Devices
                                                      For batch 004+ devices we have added firmware update button that will allow you to send the device into bootloader mode. This then also opens a webpage to give you instructions on how to update your firmware. 
                                                        #176 - Signed Update Packages (Windows)
                                                          Files within the update package are now also signed. Some users had mentioned that their antivirus program would trip on the updates because the files in updates were not signed on Windows. 
                                                            #175 - Turn Off Automatic Updates
                                                              Giving users more control to turn off automatic updates. This feature can be useful if a release breaks something or if you like to control your updates yourself. 
                                                                #20 - Not in a call color options
                                                                  Additional options for when you are not in a meeting. Set your own colors or use the same colors you are accustomed to. 
                                                                    #19 - Remove from Dock (macOS)
                                                                      Ability to remove MuteMe icon from dock on macOS. 


                                                                        0.8.3 - Software Release - Released 12-2-2021

                                                                        • #203: Rapid Flickering Fix on Fast Tap Fixed
                                                                        • #204: Updated MuteMe Icon "M"
                                                                        • #206: Teams Stability Improvements with fallback mechanism.
                                                                        • #214: Support for MuteMe Mini added product ids for production version.


                                                                        0.8.2 - Software Release

                                                                        • #6: Teams sync works when pop-out chats are open.
                                                                        • #169: Zoom & MuteMe mute sync fix
                                                                        • #177: crash fix when minimized Teams call on Windows.
                                                                        • #198: Button taps are now being registered when the app starts.
                                                                        • #188: On Mac, when updating, the app now actually closes & updates
                                                                        • #189: The app on M1 macs no longer reverts to the Intel version
                                                                        • #176: Updates on Windows are now signed and should no longer throw antivirus alerts


                                                                        0.8.1 - Software Release

                                                                        • Improved Teams Control
                                                                        • Zoom Meeting Controls Bug Fix
                                                                        • Controls Mics by Default
                                                                        • New Dock Icons


                                                                        0.7.0 - Software Release

                                                                        • Major Overhaul of Microphone Controller
                                                                        • Bugfix for Output Devices
                                                                        • Choose your Microphone
                                                                        • Multiple Microphone Support
                                                                        • Toggle Mic from System Tray
                                                                        • Revisions for Tray Icons


                                                                        0.6.1 - Software Release

                                                                        • Discord Support
                                                                        • Fixes for MS Teams
                                                                        • Major Performance Improvements
                                                                        • Worked on Memory Leak (Windows)
                                                                        • Redesigned Logic Engine
                                                                        • Added Mic Polling Control
                                                                        • Updated Node Framework
                                                                        • Fixed Welcome Screen
                                                                        • OSX Arm Support (beta)


                                                                        0.5.1 - Software Release

                                                                        • Performance Improvements
                                                                        • Backend Update Server Fixes
                                                                        • Disabling Hardware Graphics Acceleration
                                                                        • Changed Installing GIF (windows)
                                                                        • Disabled Microphone Polling Windows
                                                                        • 32 Bit Support General Bugfixes


                                                                        0.5.0 - Software Release

                                                                        • Added Welcome Screen
                                                                        • AutoStart on Startup
                                                                        • Cleaned Up Some Development Code
                                                                        • Better Error Logging


                                                                        0.4.2 - Software Release

                                                                        • General Bugfixes


                                                                        0.4.1 - Software Release

                                                                        • Removed Off Option from Sync Options
                                                                        • Streamlined Codebase
                                                                        • Fixed App Closing Bug
                                                                        • Updated Error Reporting
                                                                        • Fixed MacOs Updating


                                                                        0.4.0 - Software Release

                                                                        • General Bugfixes


                                                                        0.3.0 - Software Release

                                                                        • Added Skype Controls (MacOS)
                                                                        • General UI Improvements
                                                                        • New Sync Settings
                                                                        • Added Production PIDs and VIDs to support non prototype devices.
                                                                        • GoToMeeting Support MacOS
                                                                        • WebEx support for MacOS


                                                                        0.2.0 - Software Release

                                                                        • Upgraded Update Server to HTTPS
                                                                        • Improved Stability for MacOS
                                                                        • Added Mic Module to react to OS-level changes
                                                                        • Added Ability to play sound on Mute/Unmute


                                                                        0.1.2 - Software Release

                                                                        • Fixed Updater on MacOS
                                                                        • Improved Device Connect
                                                                        • Fixed Device Flickering
                                                                        • App Signing and Notarize (MacOS)
                                                                        • General Bugfixes
                                                                        • Device Sleep
                                                                        • Power Monitoring


                                                                        0.1.1 - Software Release - First Public Release

                                                                        • New Tray Icons
                                                                        • Updated Tray Service
                                                                        • Close to Tray Support
                                                                        • General UI improvements
                                                                        • Various Mute Methods Refactored
                                                                        • Codebase Improved
                                                                        • LED Effects
                                                                        • Persistence Preferences
                                                                        • Improvements to MS Teams (Windows)
                                                                        • Initial Services Integrated


                                                                        0.0.6 - Software Release

                                                                        • Linux Version - Updated to support MuteMe Mini product firmware.


                                                                        0.0.5 - Software Release

                                                                        • Linux Version - Updated to support product firmware.