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Our software (with version 0.23.3+) now supports automatic device firmware updates in addition to the regular software updates that you may be familiar with.

Firmware updates are designed to update the firmware on the device itself vs on the computer. Our upcoming firmware updates to all batch 004+ devices promise a slate of improvements designed to improve the functionality and usability of MuteMe devices across different batches, including both the regular and mini variants. Here's an in-depth look at each key enhancement and how it benefits the user experience.

Key Enhancements

Sleep Mode Bug Fix:
A fix in the upcoming firmware addresses an issue preventing devices from entering sleep mode correctly when no color was selected. This enhancement means improved power management, leading to extended device longevity, energy savings for users, and reducing the annoyance of having a device lit when you do not want it to be.

USB Communication Improvements:
The upcoming update introduces significant enhancements in USB communication. By optimizing the device's ability to interact over USB, users can now enjoy greater flexibility with longer cables and multi-port hubs, ensuring connectivity is never an issue. This was accomplished by changing the device communication speed to allow for longer signal travel.

Incremental Brightness Increase:
Though very subtle, the increase in device brightness ensures clearer visibility of the device's current status when on bright mode, making it more user-friendly in various lighting conditions. It's a small yet impactful improvement for better user interaction.

Software-based Reset Enhancement:
Resetting your device is now more straightforward than ever, thanks to software-based reset capabilities. This addition allows users to reset their devices without the hassle of unplugging, ultimately enhancing convenience and troubleshooting efficiency. This along with a change in our software will reset the device when the computer comes out of a sleep event automatically this change was rolled out in version 0.23.3 at the same time as the firmware updater.

Bootloader Mode Enhancements:
The enhanced ability to enter bootloader mode is a critical update for future-proofing devices. This improvement simplifies the process for users to update their firmware in the future, ensuring MuteMe devices remain compatible with upcoming features and fixes. This was a big reason this update took so long, we needed a way to do this safely. This also lays the groundwork for future firmware updates.

Touch Response and Sensitivity Improvements:
For batch 006+ devices, a notable advancement is the refined touch response. Reducing sensitivity to interference (EMI) and improving the touch mechanism ensures the device captures intentional interactions with speed and accuracy, making for a frustration-free user experience.

Unified Firmware:
A cornerstone of this update series is the strategic move to a unified firmware approach for all devices starting from batch 004+. By consolidating our firmware across these devices, we refine maintenance and development processes, enabling the expedited introduction of future advancements. This unified firmware stack promises heightened efficiency in rolling out updates, ensuring all applicable devices benefit from the latest features and improvements without delay. This also lays the groundwork to be able to deliver on customer requests such as long press actions, and additional colors and lighting effects. 

Our Own USB VID and PIDs:
In a significant yet somewhat behind-the-scenes change, we've implemented our own USB Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID) for our devices. This is a milestone that we have been waiting a while to meet. While this modification might not directly impact the user experience, it represents a enhancement in our ability to introduce device-specific features more smoothly. This approach enhances user experience tracking and custom feature implementation, setting a solid foundation for more nuanced and user-centric future updates.


Device Category-Specific Impacts

The firmware updates have varying degrees of impact across different device batches, with user-centric improvements at the forefront of this firmware overhaul. Here's what different device owners can expect:


Legacy Devices (Batch 001-003):
Although these updates primarily target newer devices, ongoing support for legacy models remains a priority, with backward-compatibility considerations taken into account wherever feasible. 

Earlier Stable Models (Batch 004-005):
These devices will benefit significantly from the unified firmware approach, streamlining future updates and ensuring these models stay relevant with improved functionalities.

Modern Devices and Minis (Batch 006-008):
Devices within these batches see the most direct benefit and largest benefits from these updates, reflecting our commitment to pushing the envelope in device performance and user experience.

Latest Batch and Minis (Batch 009):
The latest in the lineup, including both regular and mini variants, will enjoy all the above enhancements, ensuring these devices represent the pinnacle of what MuteMe has to offer in both form and functionality.

    Update Process 

    Set to roll out on July 19, 2024, these firmware updates underscore our dedication to user satisfaction and product excellence. For a smooth update experience, most of the process has been automated via new software that is set to release shortly. By default firmware updates are enabled, to disable you must go to Settings > Diagnostic Tools > and disable "Firmware Updates". If update are disabled you can still trigger a firmware update via the "Auto Firmware Update" button found on the same page.  We no longer recommend doing manual firmware updates unless a member of our customer service team advises you to do so.



    Last Updated: 12:47 AM - PST - July 20, 2024

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