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About MuteMe™

We are striving to make our remote experience more natural.

Mission, Vision and Values

With the large increased adoption of people who work and learn virtually due to COVID, the future going forward will see many businesses and education platforms retain the work/learn-from-home approach. The adoption of video conferencing tools has presented a higher learning curve for those who were given a shorter runway of time to adopt. Virtual meetings and classes are meant to emulate being physically together but often are met with the constant delays and pauses that reduce participation. Our team is made of makers, thinkers, dreamers, and doers!
Meet Our Team

Our Story

MuteMe™ was founded in the fall of 2020 by couples with children all under the age of 4 in Sacramento, CA.
These parents experienced constant interruptions while they tried to keep up with their professional lives through virtual meetings. The current solutions didn’t allow them to mute/unmute quickly enough.
So they decided to do something about it. They put their heads together to ideate, prototype, and came up with an innovative MuteMe button that not only mutes/unmutes your microphone quickly, syncs with popular conferencing software, but also allows others around them know when the are on mute or not.
MuteMe has been fueled by crowdfunding backers, engineers, parents, managers, and students. With overwhelming support globally, MuteMe is the first illuminated mute button to hit the market to help you increase your confidence by quickly muting/unmuting your microphone in virtual calls.

Your Impact on MuteMe’s Growth

MuteMe™ Evolution
To date, there have been over 1000 conversation exchanges giving us feedback and asking for feature requests. Because of your feedback, we have had 17 design changes, 9 PCB revisions, and 5 major SW upgrades in a matter of months (and many times just over the last few weeks)
Looking back, here are key improvements you were responsible for driving:
Smaller Size
Additional Color Options
Capacitive Touch
USB-C Connector
Bulk Orders
Custom Engraving
More Platform Support
More OS Support

Key Milestones

Aug, 20
Idea and conceptualization

Sep, 20
Hardware prototype

Oct, 20
Software prototype

Nov, 20
MuteMe tech patent-pending

Dec, 20
Kickstarter launched with v1.0 MuteMe

Dec, 20 (end)
v2.0 MuteMe introduced, crowdfunding sales take-off

Jan, 21
Kickstarter ends, Indiegogo and ecommerce site launched

Feb, 21
Final manufacturing partners, initial tooling

Mar, 21
Final packaging, DFM, tooling, and USB-C v3.0 MuteMe introduced

Apr, 21
Mass production begins

May, 21
US distribution and quality control established

May, 21 (end)
Shipping began

Jun, 21
MuteMe's available in Staples stores nationwide

Jun, 21 (end)
All pre-orders placed by May are fulfilled

Building MuteMe from the Ground Up

We are aiming to have muteme.com be the number one place. We are continuously refining our software and adding new features. Thank you so much for your support, feedback, and patience in the middle of this pandemic.

Our Team