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This page is here to help you update the firmware on your device should you need it. This only applies to Batch 004 and above devices. For Batch 001 - 003 please see update procedures here for macOS or Windows


We will keep this page updated as firmware is made available. If you pressed the "firmware update" button in the application and landed on this page you need to unplug and re-plug in the device to use it again.


Firmware Update Procedure (Batch 004 + Devices)

If you somehow deleted firmware, loaded incorrect firmware or need to reset the firmware on your device you can follow the instructions here. 

Step 1 - Open our application and go to the diagnostic tools section and find the firmware update button and click it. Accept the prompt only if you need to do this.

Step 2 - Right click on the file for your device below (batch numbers are on the bottom of the device) and click on "save link as" and copy the file directly to the MuteMeBoot usb device that has showed up. It is important that you don't save the files on your computer as they will get corrupted by the operating system (especially on macOS)

DO NOT attempt to save any other file on the MuteMeBoot usb device. It is not a real USB drive; only a easy way to update firmware.


Firmware Files

Loading the correct firmware is important as the internal hardware has changed slightly with every batch. Batch 6+ devices no longer rely on a separate touch sensor and everything is done on a single chip. Therefore loading the incorrect firmware will result in capacitive touch not working as intended. 

MuteMe Regular - Batch 4-5 Firmware File

MuteMe Regular - Batch 6-9 Firmware File

MuteMe Regular - Batch 6-9 Firmware File (No LEDs on Power On)

MuteMe Regular - Batch 6-9 Firmware File (EMI Shield / Less Sensitive)

MuteMe Regular - Batch 6-9 Firmware File (EMI Shield / Long Range (Recommended Version)  

MuteMe Mini - Firmware File


Low Speed Firmware Files

You may use the LOW SPEED version of the Firmware with long cable runs or daisy chained hubs. This firmware has not gone under extensive testing but can be used in situations where improved USB communication is required. 

MuteMe Regular Low Speed - Batch 4-5 Firmware File

MuteMe Regular Low Speed - Batch 6-8 Firmware File


Last Updated: 11:46 PM - PST - March 2, 2023