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This support article is for both macOS and Windows users that are experiencing issues in which their MuteMe device is cycling between mute and unmute repeatedly. 

The mute cycle problem can be caused by different issues like a bug in our software, headsets that are fighting for control over the mic, other software that is interfering, or other devices that cause physical interference.

This article addresses that last cause when other devices are the trigger for the cycle due to higher than normal levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) being emitted by devices that contain motors or coils like wireless chargers. 

We learned a short while ago that there are a some products out on the market that emit EMI beyond what our batch 006 - 008 devices can handle and can cause issues with our capacitive touch detection. Any devices that puts out large amounts of EMI can cause interference with electronic devices like MuteMe. These devices include specific wireless chargers, sit stand desks, walking / working treadmills, high powered radios, and desk fans. 



There are a two clear and easy solutions if you are experiencing this problem.   

Update Firmware to EMI Version

On the firmware update page we have a specific version of the firmware that is designed to handle high levels of EMI. This is something new so we haven't tested it as extensively as our regular firmware. Therefore, we only recommend this action if you're experiencing this issue. 

Move Device Away from EMI Source

In the majority of cases you will be able to just move the device a little bit further from the source of the EMI to resolve this issue. 

3rd Party Devices With Known Issues:

  • T3 - 3 in 1 charging station sold by cucicustore



Last Updated: 9:26 AM - PST - May, 1 2024

Please let us know via the chat bot if this article helped or didn't help resolve your issue.  Also please let us know via chat if there is some other device caused EMI issues.