Home Why Use?

Speaking with anyone around the world through a virtual meeting has become significantly common during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the recent major increase of employers and educators moving to home based models, the adoption of video conferencing tools has presented a higher learning curve for those who were given a shorter runway of time to adopt. Virtual meetings and classes are meant to emulate being physically together but often are met with the constant delays and pauses that reduce participation. 


Virtual (Remote) Learning
Adults have a difficult enough time getting a virtual call to work for themselves, so imagine the difficulty in getting thirty elementary school kids on a virtual call without any technical difficulties. Roll calls can eat into valuable learning time and while it may seem small, a 10-20 second delay times a hundred per day leads to some frustrating communication and disrupted conversation flow.  Additionally, SPED (Special Education) students often face a steeper learning curve with technology adoption resulting in less ability to engage in their virtual classes. There is an insanity that sometimes comes with teaching a room of virtual students at any age, and it is vital to enable students to continue to enjoy learning when they can’t be physically together. 


Virtual (Remote) Working


Remote work isn’t anything new, but the amount of remote workers has increased significantly in this past year due to COVID-19.  With such a sharp increase in remote workers, adoption of the “new” virtual work environment happened with very little lead time.  Add in the need to both virtually work-from-home and parent-from-home (for many, not all) simultaneously disruptions are very common.  We have seen the fallout through national headlines of failure to mute or turn off a video when making some very ill-advised decisions during work virtual calls resulting in negative repercussions to an individual's career. Frequent video conferencing problems have and continues to be the cause of embarrassment due the need to multitask, adopt technology and lack of awareness.   


How does MuteMe Help? 


MuteMe addresses the difficulties of virtual learning and remote working and enables a student or employee to better control their work environment at home. From our personal experience, we wanted to build an easier way to avoid embarrassing ourselves on a work call, increase our confidence when multitasking at home whether it’s children, dogs or working in parallel while listening to a call. MuteMe allows work to be uninterrupted and boosts your productivity letting house-mates know you’re busy without having to say a single word. It’s simple, has a clean aesthetic look, and is purposely easy to install to eliminate any technology adoption difficulties.  


From work to school, the world is quickly shifting to making remote work and learning more common. The MuteMe device looks to be one of the first tools to help create better efficiency for virtual students and employees at home!