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This support article is for Windows users that would like to disable auto software updates to their MuteMe application. The MuteMe application is an electron application and uses squirrel updater to perform software update to the application. This updater is baked into the application and for all current versions  and cannot be disabled through the menu. 

It can however be disabled by changing the name of the updater application.  


Step 1 - Remove the current version of our application.
Remove the current MuteMe application from your computer by pressing on the [Windows Key] then typing "add or remove programs" and then pressing enter. 

Find the "MuteMe Client" application listed on the page and right click then click remove/uninstall to remove from your computer. 

Step 2 - Download the desired version
Go to https://downloads.muteme.com and download the version of the software that you would like to use. Click show all versions on the bottom of the page to see additional versions. 

Step 3 - Disable Internet Connection
Disable your connection to the internet temporarily to ensure that auto updater does not upgrade the version automatically. 

Step 4 - Install the version you downloaded
Go ahead and install the version that you downloaded previously in step 2. After the application runs, go ahead and close it. The file might be in your downloads folder. 

Step 5-Locate the MuteMe Client Directory
Press the [Windows Key] then type in "MuteMe" You can right click on the application and click on properties if you see the shortcut then click on open file location to find the application. 

For most users it will be in the following folder: 

Step 2 - Re-Name Update.exe
find "update.exe and then rename the file from "update.exe" to "offupdate.exe" 

you can change the filename to anything you like but this is a easy way to undo the changes if you should happen to change your mind later. 

Step 3 - Follow the on-screen instructions
Run the MuteMe-Client.exe from the start menu and follow the steps on the screen. 

Now the application should no longer automatically update anymore. 

You may want to periodically check for new software versions as support and platform support is consistently evolving. 


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