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This page helps you understand one of the many features of the MuteMe application. 

MuteMe has the ability to detect when your microphone is being activated and utilized by other applications.

When In Use :
Under most circumstances when your microphone is in use our application will detect use and make that information available to you.  You would need to have your color preferences set accordingly or be on the diagnostic tools page of the application. When we detect usage we would set the proper color on the device (based on your preferences) and in the application system tray next to the system clock. There may be some limited circumstances when we may not be able to detect usage, this may be due to a unique set up or special software that interfaces directly with a specialty microphone.  

MuteMe Settings :

This detection feature is directly impacted by the strategy utilized by the application and by user preference. We recommend relying on microphone in use detection for majority of people. 

    Other Issues:

    If you experience other issues please used to chat bot below to contact our customer service team who I should be able to help you solve any configuration issues. 


    Last Updated: 1:38PM - PST - May 26, 2022

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