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This support article is for Mac users that are experiencing operating system problems. 

A small number of Apple users may be experiencing operating system issues such a high CPU usage, kernel issues, freezing, sound issues, or USB communication issues with their computer or device. At this time we are still exploring these issues and attempting to recreate the issues. We recommend that users update their firmware, and update to the latest build of the software that disables microphone polling (version 0.6.1 or higher). 

Firmware Update (ONLY APPLIES TO BATCH 001-003 devices)
You can follow the instructions below to get the latest firmware from MuteMe. 

Step 1 - Open Terminal
You can do this by pressing the Command + Spacebar Keys and then typing in “terminal.app” without the quotation marks

Step 2 - Download the updating script, make it executable and run it.
Please copy and paste this script into your terminal

curl -o MuteMeFlash.sh 'https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0522/8127/8617/files/MuteMeFlash.sh?v=1656664693'

chmod +x MuteMeFlash.sh

bash MuteMeFlash.sh



Then press the ENTER key

Step 3 - Follow the on screen instructions
If your device is working well with the first firmware (version B) do not proceed to download the older firmware. 


Software Update

Newer version of the software have been tested on a few machines and this seems to alleviate performance issues (version 0.6.1 or higher). Future versions of the software allow you to control audio polling which was contributing to the higher CPU usage.