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This support article is designed for users encountering difficulties with the MuteMe application when it controls the microphone of Logitech C920/C922 series cameras on Windows and macOS. One common issue is the microphone remaining muted, refusing to unmute regardless of user attempts.

Customers facing such issues should refer to Logitech support articles and forum discussions that address problems with the microphones on the Logitech C920/C922 Pro cameras. The underlying issue stems from these cameras' inability to properly handle operating system (OS) level mute commands. Occasionally, the camera or its drivers may become unresponsive to OS requests for status updates.

Issue Description:

Activating the mute function on a C920/C922 webcam and then either putting the computer to sleep, shutting down, or quickly toggling the mute/unmute function can cause the microphone to become permanently muted. The mic remains in this state until it is physically disconnected and reconnected. In some cases, even this measure fails to restore functionality. This problem arises with any application that uses OS-level muting for the C920/C922, suggesting a flaw within the Logitech cameras, as default tools provided by the operating system can also trigger this issue.

We have successfully replicated this issue on both Windows and macOS, confirming that the cameras/microphone drivers fail to acknowledge OS-level mute commands correctly. This issue appears to affect the camera microphone broadly and is not exclusively related to MuteMe application use.


As of now, no permanent fix has been identified for this issue.

Logitech has been informed about the problem, and users are encouraged to report their experiences directly:

Contact Logitech Support


Disable MuteMe from Controlling the C920/C922:

In the MuteMe application, click on the Gear Icon to access settings, navigate to "Microphone Settings," find the C920/C922 webcam, click the chevron icon next to it, and then deselect the "control this microphone with MuteMe" option.

Temporary Workarounds:

Option 1: 

Deactivate the microphone controller in the MuteMe application as described above to prevent OS-level muting, utilizing application sync wherever possible. This will only work for applications for which we have level 3 support like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet. 

Option 2: 

Some users have turned to third-party applications to redirect audio from the microphone to a virtual microphone, which can then be controlled by MuteMe. It's still recommended to disable MuteMe control of the original microphone as previously outlined.

Option 3: 

Use an alternative microphone, ensuring MuteMe does not control the C922/C920 microphone by following the steps in Option 1.

To Restore Functionality:

Option 1: 

Simply disconnect and reconnect the camera.

Option 2 (Windows): 

After disabling MuteMe control over the C920/C922 microphone as outlined above, with the camera connected, open Device Manager (hit the windows key and search for it), find the "Audio inputs and outputs" section, locate the Microphone for the C920/C922, right-click to "Uninstall device" to remove the drivers, then unplug the device for about 15 seconds and plug it back in.

Option 3: 

Install "Logi Tune" from the Logitech website. With the software running click on devices and then select the camera this will take you to a screen showing you a live feed from the camera. Click the information icon (i) next to the camera title for more details, and then press the factory reset button at the bottom of the screen.


Last Updated: July 12, 2024, at 10:54 AM

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