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This support article is for Windows users that are are in environments where they cannot use the installer. If you are on windows and would like to use the application but cannot use the installer this article is for you. 

A small number of Windows users may experience issues with the installer due to corporate restrictions, antivirus programs, or other issue with the electron framework we use. The simple steps outlined below allow these users to use their MuteMe without installing the application. 

Step 1 - Download Zip File

Go to our alternate zip download folder hosted on Google Drive and download the zip file for Windows. 

Step 2 - Extract the Zip File

Extract the zip file wherever you like, ideally this would be in a place your user account has permissions like the downloads folder or the documents folder.

Step 3 - Follow the on screen instructions

Run the MuteMe-Client.exe and follow the steps on screen.