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WFH Chaos

WFH Chaos

Working from home is hard at times… at least for me. I can’t speak on your behalf as we all have our own different Work-From-Home (WFH) realities. Most of us have some type of distraction at home- children, animals, significant others, roommates, housemates and more. For me, I have two little ones, ages one and four, two dogs and a significant other who also works from home. Managing this chaos is, well, chaotic. I am a business owner of three startup companies, all in different stages, and also a mom who has to take care of two wonderful, but messy children that have needs throughout the day. While I’ll look to balance the schedule of both work and my little ones, there is often a cross-over that occurs where I need to take on virtual calls from home and be with my kids. This has increased significantly over the last 18-months as the world was overcome with a Pandemic. Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more virtual conferencing tools became more and more part of my everyday life, and adjustments were made to do business (and even family) calls over a computer or phone. Although I’m continually looking for ways to be more efficient in how I organize my days, reality is I’m not perfect, but I need to look at the small wins I make everyday. These wins can be more than just work related, they can be: Taking care of my health (gym or just going for a walk), being around to teach my little one something new that day, completing a business deal or even making a life saving cup of coffee. The list goes on of business tasks that need to be done, and truly they are never complete as the grind never stops. In my case, building multiple businesses may be tough but looking at the short term wins will ultimately help lead to the bigger wins. 

When reflecting back on the acceleration of WFH awareness the Pandemic has brought, it has shed more light on how businesses and entrepreneurs can operate successfully from home while continuing to have a work-life balance that best fits their lifestyle. So, working from home is hard, but it brings much more opportunity as I can both be a mom and business owner, and not have to choose one.