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First Batch of MuteMe Devices Have Shipped!

First Batch of MuteMe Devices Have Shipped!

Hi backers,

Thank you for your support and patience. The delay caused by the global chip shortage followed by the Suez Canal obstruction caused a backlog as more freight was routed by air.  As you know we took advantage of the situation to improve MuteMe and you are now getting a much better product with improved firmware, and USB-C.  

The following are updates we are very excited to share:

First MuteMe Devices have Shipped! 
Our team worked around the clock to flash, test, pack, and ship out the first batch of devices out of Northern California. With the help of family and friends, we were able to process the first MuteMe’s and start the shipping process. We intend to ship to all backers over the next four weeks starting with our earliest Kickstarter backers this week. Here is a quick video showing the packaging process as we inspect each device before they are sent out.


Second Batch of Devices Arriving Soon! 
We will be receiving our second batch of devices by the end of the month and will immediately start flashing, packing, and shipping them to backers. These devices will also be delivered in the order the pledge was received (remaining Kickstarter backers, Indiegogo backers, and intermingled with those are pre-orders placed on www.MuteMe.com).
Third Batch
The third batch of devices will be distributed both by our warehouse in the U.S. and our fulfillment partner in Hong Kong.  Our HK partner will begin distributing within the week and our U.S. warehouse is expected to follow suit in the next 10-14 days. 

Our goal is to have all of our shipping and fulfillment operations for any of our customers that have placed an order by now completed by 6/20/21.

Our team preparing MuteMe's to be shipped

MuteMe Compatibility (Sync Levels) 
In order to better communicate how MuteMe will work with the various video conferencing applications that you use, we came up with Sync Levels.

What are Sync Levels? 
Sync Levels explain how we work with video conference applications like Zoom or Teams. Each level represents a different amount of Sync.

What does each level do? 
Level 1: Microphone Sync
Our tech allows the system's default microphone to stay in sync with MuteMe. At this level, the mute/unmute button in the conferencing app won't change when your MuteMe status changes. Use this setting when you want to mute but don't want others to know you are muted.

Level 2: Mute/Unmute Button Sync 
The system’s default microphone and the mute/unmute button in the conferencing app stays in sync with MuteMe.  At this level, MuteMe won't be able to see when you change your mute status from the conferencing app. Use this setting when you only want to use MuteMe to control your mute status but don't want others to be able to unmute you.

Level 3: Full Sync 
The system’s default microphone and the mute/unmute button in the conferencing app are fully in sync with MuteMe.  At this level, MuteMe will detect when you change your mute status from the conferencing app. Use this setting when you still want to use the mute/unmute button in the conferencing app alongside MuteMe.

Will Level X be available for conference application Y on operating system Z? 

We are constantly working on adding Level 2 and Level 3 sync for more conference applications on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Our software will show you which levels are currently available for the conference application that you use. If you don't see yours there, don't worry! We are adding software features on a weekly basis and you will see it via a software update in the future.
Here is where we are at today:

Current Compatibility Chart

Get Familiar with your MuteMe

We’ve put some quick overview videos together highlighting how to install the MuteMe App (it’s easy) and a walkthrough of the MuteMe App UI!

Installing MuteMe App
MuteMe App Overview 


Please Invite our Team On Your Journey!

Our team would love to see MuteMe in your office workspace! We love to hear your mute/unmute story and what inspired you to pledge for a MuteMe device. Please share your journey by sending or tagging us on FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube and LinkedIn!

Your Impact on MuteMe’s Growth

To date, there have been over 1000 conversation exchanges giving us feedback and asking for feature requests. Because of your feedback, we have had 17 design changes, 9 PCB revisions, and 5 major SW upgrades in a matter of months (and many times just over the last few weeks) Looking back, here are key improvements you were responsible for driving:


Smaller Size 

MuteMe went from being a 3-piece design (80mm / 3 in. wide)  to a simpler cleaner design, making the device more accessible, robust, a better fit for the desk, and much more premium (hello stainless steel).

Capacitive Touch
MuteMe went from a simple push button to a stainless-steel capacitive touch device. This update meant MuteMe could be sterilized and cleaned easily, and also allowed us to engrave messages or company logos. Because of this update, our team received numerous bulk orders from large companies across the globe, including Fortune 500 companies. This outreach was done completely organically with no advertising spend. Out of these companies, many are the ones you work for!
Additional Color Options 
MuteMe went from using regular LEDs with 3 color options to using RGB LEDs allowing backers to have 8 color options. This allowed MuteMe to be more accessible to folks that are color blind. Expanding on our accessibility, we also decided to have sound alerts indicating mute/unmute. 
USB-C Connector 
We had overwhelming requests to upgrade MuteMe to be a USB-C device from a micro-USB. When the global IC shortage hit and our timeline got delayed, we immediately implemented your feedback and upgraded our PCB design to support USB-C.
MuteMe Evolution
The Journey Continues
More Platform Support 
  • Ongoing list: list of 26 platforms (from healthcare, education, gaming, accessibility, etc)
  • 3 levels of synchronization: Depending on platform limitations, we will do our best to enable Level 3 synchronization. Updates will automatically be pushed to your UI.
More OS Support
  • ChromeOS compatibility (Native): MuteMe today works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. High on our priority list is native ChromeOS compatibility.
More Feature Requests 
We believe in creating devices that will make virtual meetings easier. We love hearing from you and encourage you to submit feature requests for both our first MuteMe device and future devices.  As we implement feature requests, new designs, etc, we will send out updates.
More Updates
Follow us on social media to see more updates and what we are up to!
Bulk Orders + Custom Engraving 
Bulk Orders - For those interested in bulk orders, we offer custom engraving for quantities of 25 or more! Please reach out to orders@muteme.com for more info! 

Our Team
MuteMe was found by a group of friends in Sacramento, CA that also happened to be parents of young kids. Our team is extremely high-caliber and we all work around the clock (literally). Here is a bit about our team.

MuteMe Team
Parm & Handeep (Tech House) 
This couple has a house full of 3D printers, lasers, Segways, drones, robots, and whatever new tech that comes out. They have a curious 2.5-year-old running around and a new baby girl that was just born on May 10 (congrats Parm & Handeep!). Parm is the inventor and designer of MuteMe (which he literally printed in his garage). In his day job, he is an HR manager working for the state of California. Handeep does whatever is needed in the company, her favorite being talking to early supporters like you! She was the strongest advocate to ensure we upgraded MuteMe to be a USB-C device. Handeep holds a PhD in chemistry and is an engineer at a tech company.

Tye & Brittany (Marketing/Finance House)
This couple has video cameras, design sets, and packaging samples all over their house. They have a sweet 4-year-old girl (when she wants to be) and a laid back 1-year old boy. Tye works for one of the largest all-remote working companies, and Brittany is a serial entrepreneur, running a baby clothing company and coffee company for moms as her full-time job. When it comes to sales and marketing, Tye and Brittany are all over it, along with doing whatever is needed for MuteMe to succeed.

Pavan (Software House)
This house is full of all the stuff that makes our tech work, although Pavan tells us it's more of a "virtual" house. Pavan is our lead software engineer and loves solving problems. He's been writing code since high school and led a software engineering team at a startup while in college. No kids yet, so he'll be moving from sunny Southern California to New York in the next month! He holds a degree in Math & Computer Science from UC San Diego and works as a software engineer for a real estate platform.

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to getting the remaining devices delivered. For more week-to-week updates, follow-us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn)!

Thank you! MuteMe Team (Parm, Handeep, Tye, Brittany, and Pavan)