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April MuteMe Update

April MuteMe Update

Hi backers,

As we pull into the final stretch of getting MuteMe™ to your homes, schools and offices, we want to provide an important update on our progress and distribution status.  As of now, here is where we stand with MuteMe™:

--> WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU (Kickstarter only) <-- 

  • Survey will be sent out today (April 1st,  2021) - This is VERY important that you provide us your shipping information so you can receive your MuteMe (Kickstarter doesn't collect it automatically, so it is up to all of us to get this information via survey).  This is the only survey Kickstarter allows us to send.
  • Please fill out the entire survey. We are asking some additional questions that will help us prioritize/expedite requests.
  • For early backers with backer ID #396 and prior,  free engraving was a perk offered as a thank you for being one of the first to believe in MuteMe (perk was valid up to the first 25K raised). You will need to submit your text of choice for engraving in the survey. If none is submitted, you'll receive a regular branded MuteMe. *See bottom of update for engraving requirements

Manufacturing & Delivery 

  • Due to a global chip (IC) shortage, we are experiencing a delay in our schedule.  Right as we were getting ready to procure 8,000 ICs, we learned the global supply of 40,000+ had dwindled down to only 4,000. We were on target to distribute as originally planned but we were unable to predict this massive shortage. 
  • Fortunately, a few days ago we were able secure the chips we needed and high-volume manufacturing is set to begin in 2 weeks.
  • Additionally, the delay has given our development team a chance to incorporate more requests (like upgrading to a USB-C connector which we had already been testing). This coupled with an optimized PCB design and optimized housing ensures you'll be getting the best product possible.  
  • Our team continues to receive manufacturing samples. Here is a quick video of injection molding and picture of samples we just received yesterday.  These samples are going out to our second wave of beta testers this week. 
  • Our strategic partnership for quality assurance remains in place and we plan to have a second inspection completed by the end of the month.
  • We have acquired space for quality assurance and packaging locally and gathering help to fulfill orders. Our team has decided we will personally inspect every device shipping out in our first batch.

We expect to begin shipping to our early backers by early May and expect to fulfill all preorders by the end of May.

OS and Platform Support 

  • OS Compatibility – MuteMe supports Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.
  • Platform Compatibility - We are continually working on adding more platforms that are your tool of choice. Stay tuned for future updates as we expand platform compatibility.  


  • The delay has not stopped us from working around the clock. We re-evaluated your feedback and have changed the device connector from micro USB to now support USB-C! This was one of the top requests by numerous and very passionate backers (thank you). We had hundreds of conversations within the team of how to pull this off without adding delay. With the global chip storage, we can confidently say we will be shipping devices with USB-C. 
  •  Note: a USB-A/C adapter will be included in each MuteMe package for your convenience and ensure maximum compatibility.  

Beta Software Testing 

  • We are done with alpha-testing and now deep into beta-testing our devices and debugging.
  • Our packaging has been finalized:

Custom Engraving 

  • Bulk Orders - For those interested in bulk orders, we offer custom engraving for quantities of 25 or more! Please reach out to orders@muteme.com for more info!

*Engraving Requirements

  • You can have up to 22 characters (including spaces) which will be on one line
  • If no engraving is requested, you will receive the normal branded MuteMe with our logo

There are some restrictions on how we can personalize your products. We can’t:

  • Use special characters (eg % and *) or emojis
  • Add offensive or inappropriate text
  • Apply text which may violate the integrity and reputation of MuteMe or any of its subsidiaries
  • Apply text which may violate trademarks that are not owned by you

As seen on:

MuteMe™ - The first illuminated button that stays in sync with your video conferencing tool of choice!


MuteMe Team