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Thank You!

Thank You!

Hi backers,

Wow! We can't thank you enough for all the support for helping us get this far in only a few days. We're overwhelmed to hear your comments and excitement! We are glad to see so many of you see how MuteMe can help you as you or someone you know virtually works or learns from home. It's an amazing feeling to see our hard work repaid by your support.

In the coming days/weeks, we'll keep you updated regarding the further details about our development process and much more.

By sharing MuteMe with your friends and in your community, you are helping us to scale the need of never again hearing someone say "Ummm, You're on Mute"!

Please help us spread the word and click the links below to share MuteMe (Take a look at our Ambassador Reward!!!).

See you on the next update and thank you again from all of us at MuteMe.

- The MuteMe Team