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Increases productivity, boosts confidence, and decreases interruptions.

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New MuteMe Mini

Keep Your Meetings Mishap-Free Anywhere, Anytime!

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Everyone Sees When Your Mic's Hot with MuteMe

Let Your Housemates Know When You're on Mute - and When You're Not!"

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Stress-Free Calls While Multitasking

Say Goodbye to Hearing 'You're on Mute' and say Hello to Seamless Calls with Zoom, Webex, Teams, and More!

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Improve Virtual Learning

Empower Your Child to Participate Easily in Virtual Classes with Push-to-Talk Functionality!

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Take Control of Your Virtual Meetings Now

Never hear or say "you're on mute" again. MuteMe works with Zoom, Webex, Teams, Skype, Google Meet and much much more.

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A Physical Mute Button that shows everyone when your mic is live

Plus, it stays in sync with your video conferencing tool of choice! MuteMe works with Zoom, Webex, Teams, Skype, Google Meet and much much more.
Easy to Use

Silent Touch
8 Programmable Colors

Stainless Steel Top
Windows & macOS
Distraction Free Calls

Easier Meetings
USB Type-C Port

Is it worth it?

Easily mute and unmute your microphone with a single touch of a button. Always know when "you're on mute!"

Who Can Use MuteMe™

Working From Home

Remote work isn’t anything new, but the amount of remote workers has increased significantly in this past year. With such a sharp increase in remote workers, adoption of the “new” virtual work environment happened with very little lead time.

Multiple Remote Workers

In today's world, there are often multiple remote workers and learners together in one home. The MuteMe™ illumination button lets others know you're on a call and whether you're on mute or not. Customize your MuteMe™ colors to align to what best fits your mute/unmute color schemes!

Distance Learning

Over the last year, the pandemic has created many challenges for teachers, students, and parents as they transitioned into home-based learning. Tech issues often disrupt work and if students feel they can navigate with ease, they’re more likely to engage.

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How does MuteMe® Work?

MuteMe™ uses our proprietary technology which encompasses the illuminated device and companion app on your computer to mute/unmute your default microphone AND sync with popular conferencing software such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Skype, Google Meet, GoToMeeting and many many more. MuteMe is a safer and more compatible way to ensure that you are muted.

Does MuteMe® support Push-to-Talk?

Configuring Zoom to work with MuteMe®

Proper MuteMe® Setup

What are sync levels?

MuteMe® Overview

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