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New Product Peek, Customization for All, Bug Fixes and More!

Hello MuteMe champions,

It’s been a little over a month since our last update. We’ve been busy:

  • Talking to customers from all over the world about making MuteMe better
  • Tracking down packages globally and shipping out orders
  • Identifying bugs and implementing software fixes (more on that below)

Thanks to everyone around the globe for being a champion of our startup!

Here’s what's new (for details on each topic, see below):


  • MuteMe is back in stock for the first time since we started this journey
  • We have a limited number of devices now in stock
  • Place your order at www.muteme.com/order

Custom Engraving

  • Individual Orders: We are now offering custom text engravings for an additional $10
  • Order your custom MuteMe at www.muteme.com/order 
  • Bulk Orders: For companies who are looking to provide these for their team members and customers, please reach out to orders@muteme.com for a custom quote

New Product Peek!

  • In line with our vision of enabling work from anywhere, we are getting ready to release a complimentary product to the MuteMe call the MuteMe Mini
  • The MuteMe Mini is an ultra small version of the MuteMe, uses a more advanced chip for better connectivity, is super small, and will be more robust. We are looking for feedback and support.
  • The MuteMe Mini has been on our CFO's (Tye) wish list since we launched our original button and he has been using a prototype version for about a month now. He absolutely loves it and we think you will too. Pictures coming soon!
  • If you’re interested in getting the best early backer deal and insider information on the MuteMe Mini, please sign-up (enter your email in the feedback survey).

Business Update

  • MuteMe is a hit! We have now shipped 16,148 devices to backers, supporters, customers, wholesalers, retailers and enterprise partners.
  • We are now in all 1000+ Staples locations across the United States.
  • MuteMe is used in 63 countries across the globe. We would never have expected to reach such a broad audience of folks that believe work from anywhere is the future.
  • We have the broadest demographic of users ranging from teenage gamers to second career veterans; this highlights the need for tools that enable learning/play/work from anywhere.

New Software Update v0.6.1 (released 8/16) Includes:

  • Performance improvements to reduce system resource usage.
  • Improved memory allocation on WindowsOS to reduce memory usage (additional debugging is in progress).
  • Optional mic polling control to improve sync. If you have mute/unmute issues, then 3rd party software may be interfering. Turn on microphone polling to help keep your devices in sync, but only if you experience issues.
  • Fixed welcome screen so users don't have to accept the terms and conditions repeatedly.
  • We are currently testing native M1 (Arm chip) macOS version software for those of you that have the latest Apple silicon powered computers (downloads.muteme.com)

We are tracking 51 unique fixes and feature requests and working on a number of different fixes and features for upcoming releases, including (but not limited to):

  • Bug: Issues connecting/disconnecting other microphones (i.e AirPods, Logitech headsets, etc)
  • Bug: Random issues with mute/unmute failures or auto re-mute
  • Feature Request: Teams Level 2, 3 sync on macOS. This is proving to be difficult. MuteMe will mute the default microphone and work but it will not change the default icon (i.e, Level 1 sync works).  Microsoft has also added an annoying popup when the mic is muted and we have filed a request with them to change this. We have a few other ideas on workarounds and will update next month.
  • Feature Request: Sleep mode when not on a call

This list isn’t everything, we have plenty of other requests which are in the pipeline and we will keep you updated in the future. We are moving to a two week release cycle for software updates to help bring improvements to you faster instead of bundling multiple things in a single release.


  • How are we doing? We always look for your honest feedback about our product, notable issues, feature requests, how it's helped you (or hasn’t), and gage your interest in our next product. We are constantly trying to do better and offer value to your everyday life.
  • Please take the feedback survey here!

Where we Need Help - Expanding Our Team

  • Creating a cross-platform mute button is not as easy as it sounds. If you’d like to join a fast growing tech startup and are a SW developer (or know someone that’s interested), please send us a message at info@muteme.com.
  • We are looking for someone that is passionate about work from anywhere, programming, and loves challenges.

Shipping to Remaining Customers

  • We have a handful of international customers that have not yet received their MuteMe from the first shipment. We apologize for this long delay as the 3rd party shipping platform we chose had worked with many crowdfunding companies, and we believed that they would provide a seamless shipping experience. Both the delay and tracking was subpar and going forward we will have a better courier service.
  • We are continually contacting local couriers to track down some of the shipments, contacting customs, and working to ensure you get your shipment. In cases where tracking is limited, your MuteMe is in transition. In some cases, it may be stuck in customs or with a local courier.
  • If your package was with DHL, please use this DHL link and select your country to track and then grab the “Local ID”. That can be used to identify your package with the local courier if you contact them via phone. It will not work as a tracking ID on their website.
  • We are working hard to resolve these issues and promise we will resolve for all of our backers.

If any of the problems that should have been resolved persist, or you want to say hello, please email us at support@muteme.com

Thank you for helping to bring MuteMe to the market in record time. Stay tuned as we continue to make improvements to your device and help make virtual conferencing a better experience in our rapidly changing world.

We will be sending out monthly updates as we make improvements.

Talk to you soon!

MuteMe Team (Parm, Handeep, Tye, Brittany, & Pavan)