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MuteMe V2

MuteMe V2

We are excited to share that we have taken all your wonderful feedback and improved on the MuteMe! We are calling it the MuteMe V2. We have been hard at work taking in user feedback and making improvements.

Improved Features Include:

  • Multiple Colors
    • Switched Out Red and Green LEDs for RGB LEDs.
  • Smaller Design
    • Takes up less space on your desk and is more ergonomic.
  • Stainless Steel Top
    • We replaced the plastic top push button with stainless steel for a more premium feel.
  • Capacitive Touch
    • Easier to press than a button, and much more reliable and sturdy.
  • Brighter
    • More LEDs to ensure that the button is clearly visible even in rooms with lots of sunlight
  • Customizable
    • We can laser etch your company logo, or name onto the stainless steel top. This makes an already premium product even that more memorable.

We keep making iterative design improvements to make MuteMe an indispensable part of your remote experience.