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This support article is for Windows users that are having difficulty installing the drivers for the firmware updating tool. 
Some Windows users are having issues installing the drivers for the firmware updating tool, these instructions will help you install the drivers so you can use the MuteMe Firmware updating tool. 

Manually Installing Drivers
Follow the steps outlined below to install the appropriate drivers on your computer.

Download the drivers here and extract them to your downloads folder. 

Step 1 - Open Device Manager and Show Hidden Devices

Press the WINDOWS KEY + X and then click on device manager
Then click on View and then click on Show Hidden Devices
You should see an Other Device > Unknown Device
Unknown Device
Step 2 - Install the Drivers
Right click on the Unknown Device and select Update Driver
Then click "Browse my computer for drivers" then click browse and go to your downloads folder and find the MuteMe Drivers Folder and select it. Make sure that Include Subfolders is checked.

Then Click Next
If everything worked you should see this screen:

Go ahead and click Close

 Unplug and Replug in your MuteMe and now you should see this in the device manager. 
Bootloader Installed

Step 3 - Go back to the updater tool if it is still open or go restart it and follow on-screen instructions.