Home Microphone Automatic Re-Mute

The support article is for both windows and macOS users that are experiencing issues with the MuteMe client software immediately reverting back or changing the status on its own. 


The MuteMe-Client software has various options under the microphone settings page. There is a chevron that you can click on to expand the settings for each of the microphones. In some cases users may select settings which causes issues based on their hardware, and other software applications that are running on the computer. 


The solution to this particular problem is fairly straightforward.

Open the MuteMe client; click on microphone settings; expand the view of the microphones that you are controlling; and uncheck the box next to "periodically check if this microphone was muted/unmuted" 

Temporary Solution:

If this problem persists with a particular conferencing application users can also try changing the sync level from level three to level two for that particular application. To do so open our application and click on "App Sync Settings" then use the sliders to bring the level of the application that is giving you issues to level two sync. 


Please let us know via the chat bot if this article helped or didn't help resolve your issue.