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The support article is intended for macOS users that may have issues utilizing the app sync feature of our software with any conferencing application even when sync levels are set to level two or a level three value. The application/OS asks for certain permissions when our software is originally installed and used to sync with a conferencing application. If those permission are not granted on first use then the our application may have a difficult time syncing with other conferencing platforms.  This issue will impact new users but should not impact long term users unless there was a major systems change which resulted in settings being reset. 


The MuteMe-Client software interfaces with the operating system to control conferencing applications through automation and accessibility controls. This allows our software to both send commands and read current status in various platforms. If our software lacks the appropriate permissions then it may not be able to correctly read the current condition of the application and may not be able to control that application. 

    This issue primarily occurs when the user declines the permissions upon the very first time they're trying to interface with an application. Once denied macOS will not prompt you for those permissions again.


    The solution to this problem is fairly straightforward and easy. There are two configuration settings in your System Preferences that have to be updated. 

    Step 1: Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > and then click on the Accessibility section. Ensure that MuteMe-Client is checked. 


    Step 2: Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > and then click on the Automation section. Ensure that MuteMe-Client is checked.  See the screenshot. 

    If either of the above is not checked you can "Click on the lock to make changes" and then click the checkmark after putting in your password.





    Last Updated: 5:13 PM - PST - November 17, 2021 

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