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This support article is for users that are having issues with the MuteMe application controlling the microphone in a Logitech C920/C922 series camera on Windows and macOS. Users are experiencing a loss of microphone control in which the microphone stays muted and will not unmute.

Customers that are experiencing issues are advised to consult with Logitech and support articles and forums that highlight an issue with the Logitech C920/C922 pro camera microphones. 


If you mute your C920/C922 webcam, then put your computer to sleep, shutdown, or even toggle the mute/unmute quickly the microphone may get stuck in mute, it will stay muted until you unplug it and plug it back in. Sometimes even unplugging and plugging back in has not restored functionality. This is occurring with any app that utilizes OS level mute for the C920/C922) We know this is a bug in within the Logitech cameras because default tools within the operating system can also cause this issue to occur. 

We have been able to reproduce this issue on both Windows and macOS and have determined that the cameras/microphone drivers do not properly respect OS level mute functionality. There seems to be some issue with the camera microphone generally and is not just isolated to the use of the MuteMe. 



No clear solution has been found to this issue at this time.

We have contacted Logitech to let them know of the issue. 

Feel free to contact them as well: 

Temporary Solution(s)

Option 1

Disconnect and reconnect the camera after the computer has been asleep. 

Option 2

Use a completely different microphone.

Option 3

Turn off the microphone controller in our application and only rely on the app sync. In our application click on "Microphone Settings" then next to the C920/C922 webcam listed there should be a little chevron icon, click on it, then uncheck the box "control this microphone with MuteMe" then for any of the applications that we support level 3 (level 2 in some cases) sync you should still be able to use them without issue since we are not muting at the OS level. 

Option 4

Some users have resulted to utilizing third-party applications to pipe audio from one microphone to a virtual microphone and then used to MuteMe to control that virtual microphone.

Option 5 - Currently Testing

On macOS try 32,000 hz vs 16,000hz (testing this currently with the team). Launch "Audio MIDI Setup" and then use the drop down to change the settings

Although we cannot make recommendations to any particular set of software, users have reported success with "sound flower" which is a free open source utility. Our teams will be testing this to see if we can get "sound flower" to work so far testing has come back negative. 


Last Updated: 3:17 PM - PST - February 7th 2022

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