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Shipping Month is Finally Here!

Shipping Month is Finally Here!

Hello backers!

Thank you for your ongoing support! We are excited to share the following updates:


First Batch of MuteMe’s will Arrive Next Week!

The first batch of MuteMe’s are due to arrive within the next seven days! Initially, as we set up our operation and do in person quality inspections, shipping out devices will be in small progressions. Our operation includes flashing, engraving, packaging, and shipping all in-house based on the order we received the pledge. We expect to start shipping on May 11 and have all crowdfunding fulfillment completed by June 20th, so watch your emails for tracking information. These will be shipped starting with our earliest backers first and continue until all backers have shipped their MuteMe.

90%+ of you have filled out the surveys. Thank you! For the remaining, please fill out the surveys so we can get your devices to you on time. IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS YOU WILL NEED TO DO SO BY MAY 7TH. After this date, all shipping addresses will be final.

Confirm your Shipping Information (Kickstarter Backers)

If you can’t find your survey in your email (a survey is what is used to get your shipping information), here are instructions on how to go into your account and find the survey (we can’t resend the survey as Kickstarter only allows us to send it one time), simply log in to your Kickstarter account to check.

If you’re viewing the site through a desktop browser, you’ll see a notification at the top of the page for any surveys awaiting response. On iOS and Android apps, you can access any pending surveys via your Activity feed.

Once you complete a survey through Kickstarter, you'll receive an email confirmation that includes a copy of your responses.

To change your address:

  1.  Navigate to your account by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner of the homepage. If using the Kickstarter app, head to your profile section 
  2.  Select the project in the 'Successful pledges' section of your Backed projects page 
  3.  Click the 'Survey' option in the window that appears 
  4.  You’ll notice an option to edit the address that will allow you to change your shipping information (must do by May 7th)

Second Batch of MuteMe’s Scheduled for delivery End of May

Our second batch of 10K of MuteMe’s is scheduled to arrive three weeks later on May 25th. We will be flashing, packaging, and shipping out those devices as well, fulfilling all pre-orders to date.

New Orders to be Fulfilled in June

We are incredibly thankful for the high demand for MuteMe! Thank you for the ongoing referrals and sharing on social media. We will be able to fulfill any new orders, including bulk orders, in June. For bulk order requests, please email us at orders@muteme.com and we will be happy to provide a custom quote.

What’s Included in your Order:

  • MuteMe Device
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • USB-C adaptor for your convenience
  • Special ‘Thank You’ discount for your friends, family, and those you know that are always on mute
  • Instructions on downloading MuteMe software

New How-to-Videos

Our very own co-founders Brittany and Tye have recorded easy-to-follow videos on how to use MuteMe and those will be available once we begin shipping out. You’ll be able to check them out on our YouTube channel or website once published!

Follow us on Social Media to get Live Updates

Share your MuteMe arrivals and follow our team on FacebookInstagram and Twitter as we post live pictures and videos of devices arriving, our operation, and shipping your units!

Summary of MuteMe Features and Capabilities


  • macOS (Catalina or higher)
  • Windows 10 and beyond
  • Linux


MuteMe’s proprietary technology allows for agnostic support to mute/unmute your default microphone on any computer. MuteMe is a safer and more compatible way to ensure that you are muted.  In addition, we work with popular platforms to ensure synchronization of status. These platforms include:

  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • WebEx
  • Skype
  • Google Meet
  • GoToMeeting
  • Discord


  • Easy to use interface to customize your MuteMe 
  • You do not need admin privileges to install our software. If you can install local applications like Zoom, you should be able to install MuteMe software without any problems. Of course, company policies can differ, but after working with numerous enterprise customers, no admin flags have gone up


  • Stainless Steel Plate – Capacitive touch, easy to clean, easy to customize (bulk orders 25+)
  • Polycarbonate durable housing with fantastic illumination
  • 8 color options including white, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan and LED off
  • Sleep Mode, Dim Mode (2 options for brightness control), Pulsing Mode (2 options for fast and slow pulsing)
  • Toggle, Push-to-talk, Push-to-mute
  • USB-C Connector

Work in Progress 

  • Updated UI as we continue to get feedback
  • Expanded platform support

MuteMe's Getting Ready!


Thank you!

MuteMe Team (Parm, Handeep, Tye, Brittany, Pavan, & Annie)