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Now Shipping Improved MuteMe

Now Shipping Improved MuteMe

MuteMe has been shipping devices for just over a year now. In that time we have learned so much about our customers and they have given so much valuable insight into what they are looking for. With these insights we have had 22 releases of software with so many updates along the way. But some things you cant fix with software, and so now we have updated the hardware as well. We are now shipping 4th generation (batch 06/07) devices that have the following improvements over the Original Muteme. 



Ultrafast Improved Capacitive Touch

One of the things that users told us over and over again was that they wished the device was faster when tapping on the button (especially if the device was sitting idle for a while). This was only possible with a hardware update since the limiting factor was the touch sensor in the device. This new device now registers touch in as little as 50ms and you can truly just tap it like you would any modern capacitive device. 

 Improved USB Module

We are now using USB 2.0 vs USB 1.1 for communication, this standard is newer faster and more compatible with hubs, and cables. With the new device you can use any USB C cable vs just being able to use certain ones. 

Works better with macOS

macOS is a little more sensitive when it comes to USB communication and the new module mentioned above also does a better job at working with macOS. 

 Faster Overall Device

The newer device operates at a much faster speed and has more onboard memory so the lighting effects are much smoother and the initial bootup time has been reduced by a factor of 10x.

Better Sleep Modes and Wakeup

We removed the internal power LEDs. So many customer told us that the internal power led that was always on would bother them since the device and computer was sometimes in a shared space. This was a simple change but this led has been removed. The device also handles sleep and wakeup events better. 

Smaller Logo / Smaller Packaging

The new device now has a smaller logo and smaller packaging. Our original packaging was mostly air and was the the most efficient. The new packaging has the same style but cuts the size in almost half.