Accueil Known Issue - Logitech Camera w/ Microphone

This article no longer applies to software version 0.8.0 and higher, with the inclusion of controls for additional microphones this issue does not continue to persist in our testing. Customers that may still be experiencing issues are advised to consult with Logitech and support articles and forums that highlight an issue with the Logitech C920 microphone. 


This support article is for users that are having issues with the MuteMe application controlling the microphone in a Logitech 920 series camera on Windows. Users are experiencing a loss of microphone control in which the microphone stays muted and will not unmute.

 Testing is yet to be performed on macOS to see if there is some type of hardware conflict but none has been found to date. 

We HAVE been able to reproduce this issue on Windows and exploring why this issue is occuring. There seems to be a issue with the camera microphone generally and is not just isolated to the use of the MuteMe. But we have yet to confirm this.

No clear solution has been found to this issue at this time. A temporary solution is to disconnect and reconnect the camera. 

This site will be updated regularly with the most recent updates in regards to this issue and updates of the software, please check back regularly for updates.