Accueil High Processor Usage
This support article is for users that are having issues with the MuteMe App. For some users the application is using resources leading to high CPU usage. This issue exists on both Windows and MacOS but is prominent on MacOS in particular the MacBook Pro laptops. Users have reported that the cooling fans in their laptops spin up as the application is running. 

This is no longer an active issue and has been resolved via newer versions of the software. This only impacts version 0.5.1 and earlier. 

Possible Causes:


On MacOS we believe the issue may have to do with the coreaudiod process, users can open terminal by pressing command + spacebar and type in terminal without the quotes
Once terminal opens, type in: 
lsof | grep -i coreaudio
This will take a few seconds but will show you what is accessing core audio on their system and you can use use activity monitor to see what the utilization is.  You can then proceed to shutdown applications that are listed to determine if MuteMe is causing issues. 

Ambient Noise Reduction

This may also be causing higher than average CPU usage, please try to disable Ambient Noise Reduction to see if this helps. 
Go to System Preferences > Sound > Input and uncheck the Use ambient noise reduction. This is available on some Apple computers. 
Then open terminal and type in without the quotes "sudo killall coreaudiod"
This may be an issue for MacBook pro users that have this feature. 

Citrix Receiver

Citrix can cause issue with CoreAudio as well and cause higher than average usage.

Possible Solutions: 

Restart in safemode

Restarting your computer in safemode may help clear cache and isolate problems.

See if audio folder is missing:

Browse to /Library/Preferences/Audio to see if the folder is there. If there is no folder there, open terminal and issue the following commands. 
sudo mkdir /Library/Preferences/Audio
sudo chown -R _coreaudiod:admin /Library/Preferences/Audio

Beta Software:

We have created a version of the software and have tested on a few machines and this seems to alleviate the issue. This version of the software has audio polling disabled. 

We have just released a special beta version of software that you can download here


We are now asking members to download this version of the software to test if that helps with the higher than average processor usage. Please note that this software may revert back to our normal software if a software update is pushed out. If these changes work for the majority of users and there are no negative impacts to our existing users, these change will be incorporated in a subsequent software release. 

This site will be updated regularly with the most recent versions of the software, please check back regularly for updates.