Accueil News Feel the Difference: MuteMe Rolls Out Enhanced Devices and Packaging
New MuteMe Packaging in focus infront of Current MuteMe packaging that is out of focus in the rear.

Feel the Difference: MuteMe Rolls Out Enhanced Devices and Packaging

Exciting news from the MuteMe team: we're rolling out an updated line of devices designed not just for sleek functionality but also for a more substantial, professional feel. Here’s what’s new and improved:

A More Substantial Feel

We’ve listened to your feedback for a device that feels more substantial in hand. Our new devices (shipping now for enterprise bulk customers who get laser engraving) are now 26 grams heavier, adding stability and a premium feel without compromising portability. This thoughtful adjustment ensures the device feels significant but remains easy to carry and ship.

Eco-friendly, Sleek Packaging

In line with our commitment to innovation and sustainability, we’re thrilled to introduce our redesigned packaging. It’s lighter, eliminates the need for a hanging tag, and features a cleaner look. This update means less waste, reduced shipping weight, and a more elegant unboxing experience, reflecting our dedication to environmental responsibility and design excellence. 

Enhanced Experience for Everyone

This enhancement isn’t just for our corporate clients; we’re extending these updates across all devices within the next six to nine months. Our goal is to ensure every user enjoys the premium feel of MuteMe, whether it’s for individual use or equipping an entire team. They will start shipping for enterprise customers who opt for laser engraving right away. Then within six months (July 2024) they will be shipping for all orders on our website ( and then within nine months (October 2024) we anticipate we will be shipping from everywhere including Amazon.

Sustainable, Smart Design

Our slight increase in device weight is carefully balanced with the use of environmentally conscious materials. We’re committed to minimizing our carbon footprint while maximizing functionality and user satisfaction. This approach ensures our products are not only better to use but also better for our planet.

What’s Next?

We’re excited for you to experience the improved feel and functionality of our devices, alongside our sleek, new packaging. Whether you’re equipping your team or enhancing your own virtual meeting setup, these updates promise to elevate your MuteMe experience with stability, professionalism, and a commitment to sustainability.

Stay tuned for the rollout and get ready to experience the difference, both in your hands and in your meetings.

Here's to embracing a future of empowered communication, thoughtfully designed for you and the environment.