Inicio Windows Users Firmware Update

This support article is for Windows users that would like to update their firmware. If you are on macOS and experiencing issues with your device please click here

A small number of Windows users may have received devices that did not have firmware flashed on the device. Additionally, a very small number of Windows users that are early backers receiving devices may experience a degradation of performance, (device not changing color quickly, device going dim, the device being less responsive, flickering LED lights, or other USB communication issues). The simple fix is to update your device with the latest firmware. 

Some early users had indicated that they did not prefer to have a transition flash on by default (slight flash when pressing the button and releasing the button). This firmware will disable that by default. It can be enabled by the user at a later time, pending changes made to the software. 

We are working on a better firmware updater tool but in the meantime, you can follow the instructions below to get the latest firmware from MuteMe. 

Step 1 - Download the basic updater tool 

(ONLY APPLIES TO BATCH 001-003 devices)
Download Here

Step 2 - Run the exe
A window will open asking if you want to update the firmware on your MuteMe, press the YES button, then the firmware tool will extract and start running. You will need admin rights on the PC. 

Step 3 - Follow the on-screen instructions
The tool will install the required drivers, and then proceed to update the firmware, please close the application window once your device is working. Otherwise, the tool will try various alternative firmware.