Inicio News How to work from home like an expert
How to work from home like an expert

How to work from home like an expert

How to work from home like an expert

We have seen over the past year an everlasting change in the workforce. COVID-19 made for a record amount of people of all ages working and learning remotely. While things may return to “normal”, there will be a new “norm” where many are not returning to the cubicle or office, or may take on a hybrid approach. Working remotely is here to stay, but with many things, comes with its pros and cons. Being home means distractions, inconsistent schedules, and redefining household boundaries. The good news? There are always ways to improve your remote work and learning experience. 

Here are 3 simple ways to make your remote work life more seamless:

Get Ready for the day

You would be surprised how much it can help to just get ready for the day as if you were going into the office - all while skipping the commute! Get dressed, brush your teeth, or whatever you would do for “normal” office life. We are all looking for ways to make working from home feel natural and this is a great way to feel like you’re ready for the day!

Set up a dedicated organized and quiet space

You will be spending a lot of time in your working space, making it comfortable will be key! Setting up a space that’s not full of distractions and clutter makes for a more productive mind. While you should have a comfy chair to sit in, try to not work from places where you rest, like your bed or the couch. Save those spots for when you're ready to decompress. This will help you get in work mode much easier if you do not associate work with distractions or places you tend to shut down mentally. If you work at home with family or roommates, communicate with them your working hours and when you need distractions to be at a minimum (sometimes this may not be possible and that’s okay!). If it’s challenging to find that space in your home, check your local area for work spaces you utilize!

Establish boundaries

It’s important to set specific hours and break times for your day. Just like you would at work, taking a lunch break is still necessary! Setting up a virtual lunch meeting to chat with co-workers about non-work stuff can be a great way to stay social. If you prefer to be off a screen for a bit, get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Lunch time could even be a great opportunity to get in a quick workout or run. Having boundaries allows you to be more present in your home life. 

Creating new routines isn’t always easy, so take it one step at a time and establish the routine that best suits your lifestyle!







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