Accueil WebEx Always Using Microphone

WebEx on both Windows and macOS uses the microphone to detect other WebEx branded devices. They call this feature Ultrasound Detection and it can cause both Apple and macOS to believe that WebEx is using your microphone because it is. This can also cause issues with MuteMe microphone detection. 


We use detection mechanisms built into the operating system to also alert you if your microphone is in use. Because WebEx relies on the microphone for their ultrasonic detection technology it shows up as a flag within the operating system. The operating system has no way of knowing if the detection is audio or if the detection is ultrasonic because that distinction is made once the audio is collected. From the perspective of the operating system the collection is just audio. Since our technology sits on top of what the operating system is doing when it comes to microphone detection we also show that your microphone is in use. There would be no way for us to determine if your microphone was being used by WebEx because of the ultrasonic detection feature or if it was using your microphone for a conference call.


The obvious solution is to turn off their ultrasonic detection within WebEx. This is the perfect solution if you use WebEx and do not use any of the other Cisco branded products that use that feature for pairing. We actually believe that this feature should be turned off by default when you install WebEX. 

To turn off the ultra sound device detection:

  1. Once the WebEx application is running go to preferences by clicking on either your initials or profile picture at the top left corner of the WebEx application. 
  2. At the top of the preferences window you should see devices, click on devices. 
  3. Uncheck the Use Ultrasound checkbox and close the preferences window.

    Note: The WebEx will not automatically pair with some of the WebEx / Cisco branded products available in conference rooms. 


    Last Updated: 11:18AM - PST - June 11, 2022

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