Accueil WebEx Configuration

This page exists to help WebEx users configure the application correctly. 

MuteMe has level 3 functionality on Windows and level 3 sync on macOS.

MuteMe controls the mute/unmute status regardless of the window being in the foreground or the background. If you are experiencing issues please use the chat feature at the bottom of the page to let our team know. 

WebEx Default Microphone: Ensure the correct default microphone is selected and that MuteMe is configured to control it. 

WebEx Settings for Windows:
There are no application specific settings that are required for WebEX.

WebEx Settings for macOS:
There are no application specific settings that are required for WebEX.

macOS Security & Privacy Settings (macOS only):

macOS required elevated permissions for accessibility to control WebEx. 

- go to Security & Privacy < Privacy < Accessibility < Be sure MuteMe is selected

- go to Security & Privacy < Privacy < Automation < MuteMe-Client < make sure everything under MuteMe-Client is checked

If you continue to experience problems on MacOS please see detailed article regarding accessibility settings.

MuteMe Settings :

After following the above steps please ensure that the WebEx sync settings are set to level two or three to ensure proper operation.  Click on App Sync Settings than use the slider to move the sync settings for zoom from level one to level two/three. 

    Other Issues:

    WebEX uses ultrasound detection to find devices. This can be annoying since your microphone gets put into use and our microphone detection will detect it being used. We recommend that you disable this feature unless you use certain corporate devices.

    If you experience other issues please used to chat bot below to contact our customer service team who I should be able to help you solve any configuration issues. 


    Last Updated: 2:32PM - Wednesday April 27th, 2022

    Please let us know via the chat bot if this article helped or didn't help resolve your issue.