Accueil Enterprise Installer MSI

This support article is intended for Windows users within corporate and enterprise environments who are in need of an MSI installer. It's important to note that this installer is not the recommended option for most users due to limited testing on our part and limitation with respect to requiring administrative rights for multiple user installs. 

Issue Explained:

In most enterprise contexts, updates to software are deployed through automated systems, contingent upon approval by the organization's IT department. The use of MSI installers is crucial in these environments as it enables IT personnel to manage software versions and orchestrate updates as necessary. Furthermore, enterprise computers often require installations that are accessible to multiple users, a capability not supported by our standard installer which only targets the local user profile.

Provided Solution:

To accommodate these requirements, we have developed an MSI installer. This installer is designed to address the specific needs mentioned above, facilitating easier management and deployment of updates by IT teams in enterprise environments. The installer can be accessed here:

Direct AWS Link (0.22.0)

Last Updated: 12:27 AM - PST - May 20, 2024

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