Inicio Reach Out to Microsoft Regarding Teams Accessibility

To advocate for restoring full accessibility features within Microsoft Teams, especially concerning mute/unmute and camera controls, we encourage you to provide direct feedback to Microsoft. Doing so can significantly impact their approach to these functionalities, ensuring they remain accessible to all users.

Use the text below as a template for your feedback:

After copying, follow these steps to submit your feedback:

  • In Teams, select "Help" > "Give feedback". Alternatively, click on "Settings and more" > "Help" > "Give feedback".
  • Paste the copied text into the feedback form and submit.


The recent modifications implemented by Microsoft to the "New" Teams platform in February of 2024 have introduced significant challenges, not just for MuteMe users but for the entire user base, especially those dependent on accessibility features. By altering the accessibility functionalities related to mute/unmute and camera controls, Microsoft has compromised the usability of Teams for individuals who utilize screen reading technologies. This change undermines the inclusive design principles that are critical for creating equitable user experiences in digital environments. As a result, users who rely on these accessibility features to navigate and control their virtual meeting environments are now facing unnecessary hurdles. It is imperative for Microsoft to consider the broader implications of such changes and work towards restoring full accessibility features, ensuring that Teams remains an accessible and user-friendly platform for all users, regardless of their physical abilities or technological preferences.

Your efforts in reaching out can make a difference in making Teams more accessible and user-friendly. We appreciate your support in this matter.