Inicio OS Level Mute Failure

This support article is for both macOS and Windows users that are experiencing issues in which their microphone is not being controlled by the MuteMe application.  

We learned a short while ago that there are a handful of products out on the market that do not conform to normal standards and OS level mute functionality is not working. Both macOS and windows have functionality in which a microphone should be able to be muted based on the operating system sending certain commands. Some devices however fail to conform to the standards and persist to remain activated even if the operating system sends a mute command. This issue persists and exists with the drivers of those microphones and the operating system itself.

Temporary solutions:
There are a handful solutions users could rely on based on their configuration and applications. These solutions although not as elegant as desired could still work for a majority of users and use cases. 

Application Level Sync:
Application level sync continues to function across all the platforms that we support regardless of OS level mute functionality. By setting level two and level threes sync in the MuteMe  application you will still be muted in your conferencing applications. 

Using a Different Microphone
Change the default microphone from one that is not supported to a version that is supported. 

Using a Virtual Microphone as a stop gap measure
A handful of users have reported that they are now using a virtual microphone between the conferencing application and the microphone that does not conform to the standards. By doing so they can direct our application(MuteMe) to control that virtual microphone and have the same affect. 

We do not explicitly endorse any virtual microphone software and you should research them on your own to decide which one is best for you. 

Long Term Solutions
We have added these issues to our list of fixes and will attempt to resolve these issues going forward. 

Devices With Known Issues:

  • Realtek Microphone on some Gateway Computers - Windows 11 Tested
  • RODE NT Microphone on macOS
  • SHURE Microphone on macOS
  • Bang and Olfsen Beosounds A1 Gen2 Bluetooth Mic