Inicio Intel or Apple Silicon? Identify Your Mac

Knowing whether your Mac is powered by an Intel processor or an Apple Silicon (M1, M2, etc.) chip is important for various reasons, including software compatibility and performance expectations. Follow the steps below to easily identify your Mac's chip type.

Step 1: About This Mac

Click on the Apple menu (🍎) at the top left corner of your screen, and select About This Mac from the dropdown options.


Step 2: Overview Tab

In the window that appears, ensure you are on the Overview tab. Here, you will find the Processor or Chip information, which tells you whether you have an Intel or an Apple Silicon Mac.


  • If it says Intel, your Mac is equipped with an Intel processor.
  • If it mentions Apple followed by a chip designation (like M1, M2, M3 etc.), you have an Apple Silicon Mac.
Note: The transition to Apple Silicon started in late 2020. If your Mac was manufactured before then, it will most likely have an Intel processor. For the most accurate information, however, it's best to follow the steps outlined above.


Last Updated: 3:24PM - PST - March 20, 2024

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