Inicio How to Opt Out of Performance Data in the MuteMe App

At MuteMe, we value your privacy and strive to provide you the best possible experience while using our hardware and software. We understand the importance of data privacy and have given our users the ability to opt out of sending us performance data starting with software version 0.16.1+

What Data Do We Collect?

Before we delve into how you can opt out of performance data, let's briefly discuss the types of data we collect.

Performance data: This includes system information such as the operating system, device architecture, and the release version of your MuteMe software. It also covers how our software interacts with various platforms such as MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom, and GoTo Meeting. Performance data helps us understand how our software is performing across different systems and configurations. We collected this data to see how performant our software was across all types of different computer systems and hardware/software.

Crash data: This data helps us identify issues that might be causing our software to crash, so we can promptly resolve them.

Usage data: Basic usage data like daily active users helps us understand how many users are actively using our software. This data is used to determine how many users we have that are active and what the server impacts would be once we decide to roll out a software update. 

Device data: This includes information about your MuteMe device, such as the device name and its revision. This data helps us determine issues across different devices and better understand hardware specific issues. 

User preferences: These include your specific settings in the MuteMe software, such as whether you want the software to start on boot, or your preferred color when you're muted. This was used to determine user preferences and make decisions regarding features and if we would continue to support them

What's Changing?

Previously, we collected performance, crash, usage, and device data as part of our commitment to continuously improve the MuteMe experience. However, we understand that some users may prefer not to share performance/preference data. As such, we have added a new feature that allows users to opt out of sending performance data while still sharing crucial crash, usage, and device data that helps us maintain and improve our service.

How to Opt Out of Performance Data

Opting out of performance data collection is simple:

  1. Open the MuteMe software on your device.
  2. Navigate to the 'General Settings' section.
  3. Check the box next to 'Opt out of sharing app performance data" to opt out.

What Happens After Opting Out?

Once you've opted out of performance data, MuteMe will stop collecting the data related to system information and software interaction with various platforms. However, we will continue to collect crash, usage, and device data, as this information is critical for maintaining our service and delivering important software updates. We will also still collect data one time if you choose use the built in error reporting functions and send logs files which is the default.  

Remember, your data is used solely for the purpose of improving our software and providing a better user experience. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us make MuteMe the best it can be!

For further assistance, please reach out to our support team. We're always here to help!

Thank You!

Your privacy is important to us. With this new feature, we hope to provide you with more control over your data while still ensuring you get the best possible MuteMe experience. We appreciate your continued trust and support!