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The first illuminated button that stays in sync with your video conferencing tool of choice!


MuteMe™-The Illuminated Mute Button

MuteMe™️ is an illuminated mute button (touch) for virtual calls that increases productivity, boosts confidence, and decreases interruptions.

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The Secret of Success

The patent-pending device is designed to recognize if you're on or off mute by using intelligent software that works with Windows 10, macOS, and Linux at the OS level to control your microphone

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Virtual Learning

Enabling better student-teacher virtual experience from home Select between toggle or Push-to-Talk functionality

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Take the stress out of Virtual Calls

Never hear or say "you're on mute" again Works with Zoom, Webex, Teams, Skype, Google Meet and much much more.


Distance Learning

Over the last year, the pandemic has created many challenges for teachers, students, and parents as they transitioned into home-based learning. Tech issues often disrupt work and if students feel they can navigate with ease, they’re more likely to engage.

Working From Home

Remote work isn’t anything new, but the amount of remote workers has increased significantly in this past year.  With such a sharp increase in remote workers, adoption of the “new” virtual work environment happened with very little lead time.  Multi-tasking whether it's on the computer or around the home while on virtual calls has generate a need for a solution to help alleviate the stress of knowing if you're on mute or not.

Multiple Remote Workers/Learners

In today's world, there are often multiple remote workers and learners together in one home. The MuteMe™ illumination button lets others know you're on a call and whether you're on mute or not. Customize your MuteMe™ colors to align to what best fits your mute/unmute color schemes!

MuteMe Highlights™


    MuteMe can detect when a meeting has been launched! Red, Green, Yellow or 4 other light color options (including no light) allows others to know you're in a meeting or class.


    Quickly mute/unmute or push-to-talk while you engage with your virtual meetings/classes.


    Know your mute status without toggling windows.


    Never repeat yourself, never hear “you’re on mute” again.

  • Embracing Color Blindness

    As we understand certain colors aren't as easily recognizable for many people, we've included the ability to choose from six different color options to indicate mute/unmute status: red, green, yellow, blue, purple, and cyan.

    Additionally, MuteMe can indicate mute/unmute status change through sound. It beeps one time when going to mute, and twice when going to unmute.

  • Custom Branding

    Create custom branded MuteMe™️ for your organization, customers, school or personal preferences! Contact us directly for bulk order pricing at

  • Current Compatibility

    MuteMe™ continues to build out our software to be compatible with the top virtual conferencing tools in the market.

See it in Action

A powerful product that enhances remote workflow for virtual learners, workers and more!

Why MuteMe™?

Control any Mic

Our intelligent software works with your computer to control any microphone connected to your

Easy to Use

USB connection makes MuteMe compatible with almost all computers.

Works Like Magic

Simply plug in the USB, automatically install the software, and start muting yourself!


MuteMe makes it easier to multitask with confidence. I’m able to quickly talk to my wife or kids while on a mute and not second guess if the mic is hot.

In a virtual learning environment, the MuteMe allows me to easily monitor when my kids are in school to make sure I don’t interrupt their learning focus.

MuteMe streamlines multitasking during my conference calls. Now I can research and still jump in and out of a conversation without any delay.

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